Drama // Short // Film 16mm



One night Hagar meets a wealthy moonstruck customer.

He forces his (unfaithful) wife’s identity on hagar, temporarily allowing her to escape from her harsh reality. However, it is in this escape that brings hagar to an identity crisis.Should she adopt the illusion that her client offering her, or return to the cold but familiar street corner, to her abusive pimp, in one last attempt to save her fading identity?


The atmosphere and camera movements in Hagar are partly inspired by Cinéma Du Corps – the new French extremism.


Starring Rachel Avia Zinder,Gabi Levitzki and Eyal Salame

Directed By Nitzan Ron Written by Nitzan Ron

Producer Nitzan Ron Director of Photography Addie Reiss

Production Designer Dana Yunglelson

Editor Shay Rodogovsky Original score Nadav Hollander


Official selections:

New York International Independent film & Video Festival 2007

Opening night at DeReel Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia 2007

Smart Festival, USA 2008

Cieszyn Film Festival, Poland 2008


To watch the full movie (15min Eng Sub) Click here

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